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About Valentine Station [RDR2]

Valentine Station is a train station in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a recreation of it in Rust which served for a western map of mine which will be released soon and it was created by me and a friend of mine.
A full scale recreation of it for Rust.



This building is a train station and post office all under one roof.

Here, the player can purchase train tickets for a quick journey to a distant location, pay off any acquired bounties to stop bounty hunters, send and receive mail such as letters from friends and take a trip in a stagecoach located outside.


Ideally it should be placed near rail system , custom loot crates have been placed inside on top of open luggage along with a normal crate and a recycler behind the counter.

When placing this on your map make sure to apply all masks present as topology for monument and building is needed to avoid plats/animal spawns inside the area and prevent players from building

Entity Count : 2786

Name typo from pics has been fixed in v1.1

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