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Outpost On Water 1.0.0

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About Outpost On Water

   If you are tired of the standard Outpost and Bandit Camp, or you just want to decorate your map, then my work is for you. It consumes 18 vending machines from the Outpost and the Bandit Camp, and you can also buy a boat or helicopter here.

   There is a safe zone and a ban on construction throughout the territory, you can fish and sell it immediately. There are barrels and boxes of loot on the territory, there are also boxes on the flooded barge.


- 3Underwater Crate

- 5 Barrel

- 3 Crate

- 3 Recycler

- 1 Small Refinery

- 2 Workbench 1 level

- 1 Repairbench

- 1 Researchtable

Number of objects: 588

Good luck to everyone

P.S  If you find a bug, write here.

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