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Military Train Bunker 1.0.0

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About Military Train Bunker

Military Train Bunker

This is essentially a bunker that is connected to the rail system and allows players to drive trains directly through the middle of the monument. It also comes with a working coal tower so it actually can be used as a TrainYard replacement or placed by itself. 

for business inquiries email: [email protected] 

bugs? Although shouldn't be any, if some are found please report to support I will fix it quickly.

-Any updates / Additions I do to this prefab will become free for the people who purchase.

The purchased file contains:
Spat, Height, biome, topology, the prefab

Prefab Contains:

Radiation zones, Prevent building zones,  - Fully functioning when purchased. 

-Loot-wise closely resembles TrainYard.

-Keycards are a bit different, a green card is required to get to the blue room, and then inside the main bunker area is a red keycard spawn and loot. 

-Contains 2 recyclers, 1 is outside of rads. 



BUGS or looking for things to be made?

https://discord.gg/rCg2YPNHYm join discord and get a hold of me!

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