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About Merged Outpost – Bandit Overlay

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Here we have the long-awaited Rust Maps compatible merged outpost, a fair few people have been asking me for this for a while now so here it is.
You can repair your car, buy a minicopter from the Airwolf vendor, pick up a trusty steed, or just gamble away all your hard-earned scrap.
Fully integrated with the default outpost for a more natural look, a custom casino has been built on top of the garages, broken buildings have been rebuilt, and now house numerous new facilities.
Compatible with the Rust maps custom generator or it can easily be placed manually in rust edit.
Includes everything from the bandit camp as well as stables and a car lift, fully integrated into the default outpost. 


  • All original features of the outpost
  • All vending machines from the bandit camp
  • Custom built casino with a gambling wheel, 5 slot machines, 4 custom poker tables, 3 blackjack tables, and a stage with microphone, instruments, and a large seating area.
  • Garage building with 2 vehicle lifts and the 2 vehicle parts vending machines
  • Airwolf vendor on the side of the tower with a large custom helipad
  • Stables with 3 horses and vendor
  • 7 recyclers with chairs
  • 2 repair benches
  • 3 refinery’s
  • 4 research tables
  • A few trading areas
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