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Fuel Station (My remake of COD rust) 1.0.0

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About Fuel Station (My remake of COD rust)

This is Fuel station (AKA Rust but mixed between OG, Infite, 2019, and cod online Zombies)
Bigger file 2000+ prefab count

this file comes with 2 versions of the map one with loot, Scientist, and extra detail. The other comes with Base map (no fire or lights) No loot, and no Scientist.

Finished Version
Loot Through out the map

  1. 30 Barrels
  2. 6 Diesels Barrels 
  3. 25 normal Crates
  4. 7 junk Crates
  5. 7 small Crates
  6. 10 Health Crates
  7. 5 Elites Crates
  8. 1 Unlock Crate
  9. Blue keycard 

Items to intricate with 

  1.  4 Recyclers
  2. 2 Research Tables
  3. Tier 1 Workbench
  4. Tier 2 Workbench 

Scientist Count

  1. Heavy's 4 
  2. Regular 25-30
  3. Tunnel 3 

Version 2

Just the map enjoy messing around with it 🙂


Enjoy the map More info for you in the read file if you need help Contact me with the info info in there (Quick not no height map or any of the that and I also don't add no build spheres or squares in my map I leave that to the builder)

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