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Combined Outpost and Bandit Camp 1.0.0

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About Combined Outpost and Bandit Camp

This is a minimalist combined outpost including everything needed from bandit camp, merged to fit the theme of the vanilla outpost.
The file contains a .map compatible with https://rustmaps.com custom outpost/map generation as well as a .prefab.

Included features:
-Scrap heli troll protection at gambling terminals/blackjack tables
-Prevents horse trolling at gambling terminals and raised recyclers
-Prevents player trolling at the raised recyclers (can't be pushed in seats)
-Patches to the invisible barriers in the vanilla outpost to make it very unlikely a player or item can get trapped in an unreachable or inescapable location
-Patches to the sentry turret blind spots
-Added cozy lighting to the needed areas
-Added several climbable ladders and made the already placed ladders climbable
-Added secondary oil refinery and water catcher
-Added a shopfront for player to player trade

Contact me on Discord for any support/questions: Tyrone#6666

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