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Brewery 1.0.0

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About Brewery

Includes two versions of the monument. 
"Fall Brewery"
-  Immerse yourself in a unique and enchanting experience,  where the autumn vibes, store, brewery, and entertainment come together to redefine your Rust adventure.

Key Features:

 Puzzle Doors for Loot: Explore the depths of  Brewery with two puzzle doors – one red and one blue. Both have loot crates. 
 🍂 Autumn Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the warm hues and rustic charm of the autumn season.
 🍺Store and Brewery Fusion: SAR Brewery seamlessly blends the functionality of a custom store and brewery.
 🍽️Chilling-Dining Area: Take a moment to relax in the separate chilling-dining area.
 🎤 Stage Area with Burning Man Performance: Witness spectacular performances on the stage area, featuring the iconic Burning Man act. 
 ♻️Recycler and Vending Machine:  Brewery is equipped with a convenient recycler and a vending machine stocked with a variety of food items.
 🪑 Functional Chairs: Every chair in Brewery is designed for functionality.
 Prefab Amount: 3979

"Winter Brewery"  version -  adding a touch of magic to the experience.
❄️Winter Brewery's exterior is transformed into a serene winter landscape
🍻 Despite the winter chill, the interior remains warm and inviting. Fireplace, sleds and few more winter details added. 
🎤 Stage Area with Santa Man Performance
🏗️ Prefab Amount: 4150

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