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About Project K 4K Custom Map

Project K is my second big project when it comes to railway systems and it features 2 big islands split by the ocean and several small islands for players to live on between the main islands , far to the south corner of the map a medium sized island called Exile Island was placed for events or farming .
Exile Island holds alot of resources and they are easier to gather due to it's size compared to the other islands.
The left island with the winter biome holds easy to medium difficulty monuments and it's easier to navigate than the right desert island.
Right island featuring mostly desert biome holds most hard difficulty monuments making it difficult to survive due to the harsh enviroment and difficulty of getting loot compared to the other islands.

If you have any questions or need any help to run the map or edit it do not hesitate to message me here or on discord https://discord.gg/pXp9HMxNjE

~Procedural Monuments :
- Launch Site
- Excavator
- Military Tunnels
- Airfield
- Trainyard
- Sewerbranch
- Harbor
- Junkyard
- Sphere Tank
- Missile Silo
- Fishing Villages
- Lighthouses
- Stables
- Large and Small Oil Rigs
- Underwater Labs
- Ferry Terminal


~ Custom Monuments & Prefabs:
- Bomb shelter
- Various Train Stations
- Buildable Rocky Arcades
- Dive Site
- Industrial Stone Quarry
- Exile Island
- Various beach houses
- Modified Lighthouse
- Customized railway network

~ Entity Count : 28821
~ Map Size : 4000


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