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Custom Map: Sylvan Island 1.0.6

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About Custom Map: Sylvan Island

Welcome to Sylvan Island, a Rust battleground that blends untamed wilderness with the remnants of a forgotten civilization. Dense forests, sprawling meadows, and rocky cliffs define the diverse terrain, offering survivors a perilous yet beautiful landscape to navigate. Watch out for wildlife, from gentle deer to formidable bears, as you explore monuments, abandoned cabins. Form clans and settlements strategically, capitalizing on prime locations that overlook lakes or blend into the forest. Experience dynamic weather and a day-night cycle, adding an extra layer of challenge. Sylvan Island beckons survivors to conquer its resources and secrets – will you rise to the challenge?

Prefabs: ~20654
Map Size: 4096

Rust Monuments:
Small Oilrig
Large Oilrig
Satellite Dish
Abandoned Military Base
Power Plant
Military Tunnel
Arctic Research Base
Launch Site
Water Treatment Plant
The Dome
Missile Silo

Custom Monuments:
Bank of America
Train Depot
Kailua Outpost
Military Roadblock

The BETTER NPC Plugin is not included!

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