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Coventry Island 1.0.1

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About Coventry Island

This map was created from scratch using World Creator and offers plenty of free space for building. It features a huge railway network that passes through 2 monuments and 6 custom monuments.

There's an additional tank in the "Desert City" monument.

The map's size is 4250,

This map receives constant support and updates to ensure compatibility with the latest game version and all updates.

Enjoy exploring and playing in this exciting world!

password is provided for editing.

12,684 prefabs.



Nuclear Desert

Desert city    Bradley apc

Water Station

Abandoned Town

Gas station

Coventry Town


Monuments from Facepunch:

• Launch Site
• Water Treatment Plant
• Outpost
• Train Yard
• Bandit Camp
• Satellite Dish Array
• Arctic Base
• Junkyard
• The Dome
• Lighthouse
• Oil Rigs [2/2]
• Underwater Labs
• Harbor [2/2]
• Ranch
• Oxum's Gas Station
• Abandoned Supermarket
• Giant Excavator
• Sewer Branch
• Power Plant
• Missile Silo
• Military Tunel


This is my first map created. I hope you enjoy



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