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Apexisle 2500 / 2.5k Size with Launch and Giant Excavator 2

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About Apexisle 2500 / 2.5k Size with Launch and Giant Excavator

The Apexisle Map has all the great monuments yet only 2.5K in size! Especially built for lower population servers. 

This is a Vanilla Map, the custom work is limited to placement of the Launch site and Giant Excavator to this smaller size map. 

Full list of monuments below:

Large Monuments
1. 2 Small Fishing Villages
2. 1 Large Fishing Village
3. Outpost
4. Bandit Camp
5. Giant Excavator
6. Missile Silo
7. Abondoned Military Base
8. 1 Harbor
9. Ferry Terminal
10. Underwater Lab
11. Small  Oil Rig
12. Large Oil Rig
13. Arctic Research Base

Small Monuments
1. 4 Caves
2. 2 Lighthouses
3. 2 Mining Outposts
4. Abondoned Cabins


RustEdit dll is a dependency 
You can edit the map for your own use
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version 1.5

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