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make anti offline raid plugin

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Hello i need to make a private  anti offline raid  plugin which is on umod but without lag server better performance.

 Pay for it, it's not a problem


Edited by ynzo
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On 10.08.2020 at 21:21, ynzo said:

Здравствуйте, мне нужно сделать частный анти-автономный рейдовый плагин, который находится на umod, но без задержки сервера для повышения производительности.

 Плати за это, это не проблема


Keep, made a simple function if the player is not in the network-the damage does not pass.

To find out if the owner is online, you need to hit the building with a mallet.

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3 hours ago, ynzo said:

is it going to be done on a clan?

No, this only works for the owner of the building so far. Maybe in the future I will make a full plugin and publish it here

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