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I am currently struggle with the following issue on my server. Users are following the group limit on the surface but below this glamour a lot of players violate my rules and combine their boom resources  in order to raid others. I am willing to pay if someone can make a plugin that will at least log every single item dropped and then picked up by someone else. In order to avoid heavy plugin operation not all items needs to be logged, only specified items in the config would be best solution. Ex. Sulfur Ore and cooked, expl. ammo, c4, satchels, rockets, rpg, weapons, etc. That's the idea.
Optional: logging these items not only when picked up after being dropped but in containers. bodies, bags and etc. I want to be able to track every time that someone gives items to someone from the "more interesting list like boom" and be able to ask with proof later "Why you gave this to help Clan X?" and take action against these players.

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