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Hello, first of all only want to gather information about all this. No budget currently to pay for anything. Also, if already existing free/paid plugins can be combined to achieve my idea, share to check them.
The idea in my brain is to do side stuff Breaking Bad-themed shit (players to selling meth, custom item made with another plugin already) but it also can be anything else... Deliver bread or food or whatever. You see an NPC location on your map near you, and you go to do the delivery, then next time, another random location... Already have NPC vendors plugin but you can spawn them at specific place like missions npcs only.

Something like the GTA RP delivery shit you do (either to AI bots or random places - monument doors/etc) is the thing I have in my head.
As I said only wonder to know what's possible and how expensive this kind of plugin will be, it's more like a question, not request.

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