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A Monument Protection Plugin.


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I am looking for a Plugin that will Protect some of the Monuments. And if possible, config it for other Locations on the Map.  (Monument Protection). There use to be a great one out there before. But things don't look good for it to come back. (I hope it will). But too many players that can fly are "Farming" the Loot and bypassing some puzzles. While others that work their way there. Are at a Very Great Disadvantage. Farming has become an issue lately. Whether it be the Tank or Heli...etc. It would be great if someone could post one. That would be great!

I was just looking for a way to LOCK down some areas. And make it a little more even/Steven, ........ Instead of "Murphy's Law"!

                                                    Thanks:           Dave

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First : Using the Heli to cheese past puzzles is a good reason for players to learn to fly the heli. The solution to the Dome's parkour is land a mini on top. It's a hour or so at vanilla conditions to get a mini. But it has disadvantages. I can hit a heli pilot at 150m with iron sights on a bolty 2/5 times. I can lurk in the dome and light him up as soon as he starts clanking around. Not wonderful, but 2/5 times gets me a lot of loot from crashed helis. But that's neghter here nor there:

Your request is a tad vague, what do you mean by "LOCK down" and "Protect"?

Do you want the monuments to only be accessible by foot? Do you want the loot disabled? Would you like to prevent a single team / player from repeating the same monument over and over? One could protect a monument by totally preventing players from going there, but while doable, I'd worry that the player would just go somewhere else, like a different server.


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Sorry to take so long to call you back.

I believe a Dev in CodeFling had the Plugin I am talking about? I think? It was called "Monument Protection".

He placed, "SamSites" on top of the LaunchSite and the Dome.  With some on other buildings that prevent you from sneaking in even with your heli.

There was another Plugin also; That allowed distance to "Site" the heli's in without shooting anyone/stranger flying by. Just minding their own business. The 2 went together because you could set the distance.

The LaunchSite of course has them and they work. But the Dome and Sewer Branch....etc. And my Dome has 4 Weapon Crates that spawn on top. I liked the plugin when it worked. But it did not cover all/most of the Monuments where cheating/flying was possible. Normally you need to open doors and fuses. but players can just fly there. I have some family/dad and kids. And old farts like me . That can't fly. I can, but they can't.

Sorry to bother you with such a thought for a Plugin. There was one before that I paid for. But is not out there any more. Waggy produced it.




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