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turret config plugin + turret manager plugin


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  • 2 weeks later...

 1- like we can install turret on roof 

2- we auto fill ammo and install gun

3- auto auth for friends team clan etc >>>

4- increase turret [ damage - range - health - accuracy  ]
5- turret can be turned on with powerless option 
6- turret can shot air plans  heli minicopter 
7- turret can be controlled manually with computer station 😄

8- turret will have a led light on the back if its lose ammo it will turn on automatically   so owner will know that ammo is low or there is no ammo
9- turret will have a HBF sensor just in case if someone try sneak behind it the turret will kill him instant 
9-turret will have the option to hold 2 weapons instant of 1 a mini gun like pistol and the main weapon like ak or m249   
10- the last crazy idea that turret will have his own bunker turret will only come out when an enemy is near by 30 m away 
and it will cover its self automatically when enemy goes away 

that all the crazy idea that i have 😄

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