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Review falsely deleted by moderator - appealing against it


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I am not sure if this will be heard or not but I left a review on a recently purchased plugin which is available to buy at 



After using the plugin, I mentioned some features issues in the review to help future buyers  so they will know what they are buying and if it even suit them the way it is, and I also mentioned the efficiency of support from its developer. Today, the review was deleted by Mr. @Mals

The message history with Mr. Mals is pasted below. I would also request Mr. Mals to post the deleted review so it can be figured out if his justification for deletion of review is according to the standard?



Original message from Mr. Mals:

Hi Salient.

There is a close button it is a X. It is designed with a fixed size, there is no claim that it is resizable.  There is no claim to organising the items other than default.

Most plugin provider respond within a week, not 24 hours, as most do this as a hobby. I am sorry you are unhappy with the plugin.

Your review requires rework as it is basically a shopping list of alterations you want to the plugin. I have deleted it to allow you another attempt to rework it.




My Reply: 

I do understand your point of view and I never mentioned to have the alterations be made in my review since it was how I saw it and wanted to share it among other people who are willing to buy it in future. That's what the reviews are there for. 


Writing a mere "Oh i like it" and "great job" doesn't do justice in a review system. If you are going to delete reviews based on how people mention about certain features to help future buyers -- before-- they spend their money on non-refundable purchases,  I don't think its justified in that concern.


About response, if a developer puts a product up for sale, its not counted towards a hobby but business and it should be treated as such. That means he is earning revenue on it by having customers purchasing it and if it is mentioned that the support and after-sale services from the developer is not efficient enough for that purchase, it should not be deleted since it will be considered a non-transparent system for future buyers.


I would completely understand your deletion of my review if the plugin was up for free and I would understand the lack of support because *that* would be a courtesy plugin and not a revenue generation product.

Having said that, I would also like to mention that this is going to be my last-ever purchase on codefling, even though it doesn't matter to a company loosing a customer but i might be the first one to leave.


Thank you.


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  • Administrator

Hey there. I had a look at your review and I can see that your review is centered around the lack of support, however, you had only posted your support request a few hours prior to submitting your review. I had a look at your support request as well and it's not actually a support issue, rather a suggestion.

In terms of your actual review, I think it's fine. You're explaining your experience and expressing your disappointment for lack of features and usability issues. All the other information you were given by Mals is irrelevant. Please give the author at least 48 hours before leaving a review based on lack of response to support inquires.

Also, your review is not yet deleted and I'll ensure it isn't. We'll keep an eye on your support request and give the author time to respond before making your review public.

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