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Someone fix Raid Protection.

The Friendly Chap

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As the video shows, I have built this base with my alt. I then gift my bag to my main, and as can be seen, I have 100% raid protection on my base, but no issues getting in and out. 

Is there a way to tie the protection to anyone who uses the base is online the protection is off?

Examples : Assume a 3 man team 
(Attacker, Builder, Collector)

A & B log in, farm up resources, and B builds the base with code locks, tells A the code. Bags in base for A & C.  B logs out. Logs in C
B is kicked from the team and killed.
10 minutes later Raid Protection set in. C can now collect all he likes and store in the base B built, no one can raid him. A can bait folks to attack him in his base, and the firefight won't even scratch his base. If it gets hairy, A can retreat into a invulnerable base.

Teams and TC membership can both be bypassed, and bags can also be parked outside the base to avoid it. The only thing I can think of is that the person using the base will most likely need to use a door.

Maybe a plugin that adds anyone who succeeds in opening a door at a base to the TC, and disable the ability to unauthorize from the TC. If a base's TC is replaced, auto auth the previous TC list?


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