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Howdy ! 
So basically i wanted to add a plugin that allows us ( Staff ) to Spectate players to see if they are using any kind of ESP or other cheats that could be found by watching them.
So i tried the AdminPanel on Umod, wich works great for everything altho when spectating, to get the players VoiceChat you need to be authed ( either Auth 1 or 2 ) and that's not what i really want to do with the Moderators i got right now.

I tried the Spectate plugin from Wulf too it let's you hear the VoiceChat ( Without being Authed ) but it's not updated currently and i don't think it's on his first list ( bugs when "re spawning" that freeze you to the Kick state and more )


So i wanted to know if any rewrite or if someone is willing to make a new one, wich would allow ( like Wulf's plugin ) to hear the VoiceChat of players without the need of being Authed,

Another great thing would be to be able to change the View state so you could be in "first" person ( if possible of course ), 

And finally a nice addition could be the use of AdminRadar ( to check any players in the zone to see if the guy you are spectating is using an ESP ) that would be Permission based or just a true/false in the config

Either way, thank's for reading me, if anyone is interested i think that many Server Owners would be happy to see a new "functional" version of this !

And i am of course willing to pay for a plugin like this 😄



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A well-made spectating mod would be great.  AdminRadar's '/radar vision' is really useful (so is the entire mod), but yeah, I second the post above.

I would definitely buy or download this if it was made and turns out to be functional and useful for catching cheaters.

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If you can't trust your staff with Auth Level 1, then why should they be allowed to spectate at all?
I understand if you want to keep your server locked down from admin abuse, but there are much more effective ways of allowing admins Auth 1 and preventing them from doing what you don't want them doing.

I just don't see why anyone would put the time into a plugin that is a built-in command.

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