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Autodrone with cctv on


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Is there currently any free option to have a an automatic server drone fly around the map continiously around the map, going over peoples bases, monuments etc
so that whilst i am at work in real life,  can visually monitor what is going on in game?
maybe with a list of coordinates for it to follow  (  like a1 to b7,  b7 to c1,  c1 to d24,    d24 to z1 etc )
with cctv mounted so i can log it at work, go to a computer terminal and have my real life laptop on so i can look up randomly and see what is happening in the server?


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Not a plugin developer but I guess this is not possible. As I remember there was a plugin like this somewhere (maybe here on codefling) - plugin set/spawn drones around monuments and road and they auto fly all the time but you access them via Computer Station in-game (like flyable cctv), it's a feature only for in-game use unless Facepunch add update to Rust+ and allow us to see our in-game cameras from the mobile app but I do not think this will happen.

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