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Simpler and Softer AutoPurge


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I'm currently using the AutoPurge plugin to remove abandoned bases, and it's okay I guess. What I'd really like is something simpler and softer.

Rather than just purge the base and it's gone, I'd like to see the resources that are maintaining the base (wood, stone, etc) removed or ejected from the ToolCupboard, and the codelock removed (if possible), ideally from all doors and containers too but it's not a vital necessity, just removing the resources is the vital core of this plugin. This would then allow Rust to do its thing and decay the base naturally. So if a wandering player happens to pass by and a door falls off, they can go help themselves to the loot rather than none of the loot be available to anyone because the whole base has been purged. It has to work on PvP and also PvE servers that use TruePVE and it would be ideal if the items/resources to be removed from the TC could be set in the config.

I hope that makes sense. If you don't want to do this out of the goodness of your heart, give me a quote. 🙂

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