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MonumentWarps (Paid & Make it Public!)


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In search of a plugin that automatically generates Monument Warps on Wipe/Map Change, and/or on Fresh Install. This could benefit many server owners whom don't always have time to log in on wipe and set things up! I'd be willing to pay for the production of said plugin, but would also really like to see this become a public plugin too, for those who also might need it!


Key Points

  • Should include all static monuments
  • Ability to enable/disable certain monuments via config
  • Compound/Bandit optional
  • 3-4 Different Spawn Points per Monument to reduce Warp Camping possibilities.
  • Independent of ZoneManager (hopefully? I'd rather not use this plugin as it's a resource hog.)


Thanks in Advance!

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19 hours ago, Ta©ti Tac0Z said:

Hiya Shark-A-Holic, I might be interested.
Do you've a discord that I can contact you with?

Hi Tacti, I appreciate your offer but will be respectfully declining. While you are quite skilled after talking to various server owners whom you've worked with, I'm afraid that you may not offer this plugin to others. This is a paid project, but I'd like to see it offered on Codefling for others to purchase too. After our discussion on Discord, it seemed you are reluctant to make public plugins. That's okay though! I'll be keeping you in mind for future projects in which don't require publicizing. 🙂 Best regards! ❤️

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