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need some help in fixing a plugin from mevent (PAYED)


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hi all 
im trying to get help all day on this but nobody knows or how to help 
and mevent is not responding 

i cant wait 3 months before he finaly fixes it so  lets try here 

this is about his shop plugin 

inside he has console commands that should works 
but like alot of things in his plugin it does not 
atleast not through console

im showing a small section of code  that i would like to work


        private void CmdConsoleShop(ConsoleSystem.Arg arg)
            var player = arg?.Player();
            if (player == null || !arg.HasArgs()) return;

            switch (arg.Args[0])
                case "closeui":

                case "main_page":
                    int catPage, page;
                    if (!arg.HasArgs(3) || !int.TryParse(arg.Args[1], out catPage) ||
                        !int.TryParse(arg.Args[2], out page)) return;

                    var search = string.Empty;
                    if (arg.HasArgs(4)) search = string.Join(" ", arg.Args.Skip(3));

                    if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(search) && catPage == -1)
                        catPage = 0;

                    MainUi(player, catPage, page, GetShopByPlayer(player), search);

both of these commands not work in normal way 

so with help from other plugin makers we came up with this:

        void OpenShopUI(ConsoleSystem.Arg arg)
            if (!arg.IsRcon) MainUi(arg.Player(), 0, 0, GetShopByPlayer(arg.Player()), string.Empty, true);

this way i can do 
to open the shop

but sadly we cannot make it work for closing the shop

this is where i need your help in 

i need a simple way to close the shop with a player.SendConsoleCommand


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        private List<ulong> _openedUI = new List<ulong>();

        private void OpenShopUI(ConsoleSystem.Arg arg)
            var player = arg?.Player();
            if (player == null) return;

            if (_openedUI.Contains(player.userID))
                CuiHelper.DestroyUi(player, Layer);
                MainUi(player, first: true);


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