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Simple type to team chat as an admin


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Currently you can use RCON tool to see chat history for Global and also Team chats. (have Better Chat and Coloured Chat plugins installed if matters for the request)
If someone ask me in Global chat "#Admin When's Whip?" or How to use /skin thing, #admin" for example I will reply with "say Message" and that's fine. But most of the time players type #admin in their team chat and that's not because they forgot to toggle to Global. They tag me on purpose in Team chat because want to ask something private... If then use say everyone gonna see my replays and that's not ok. Also if case is not top secret I answer in Global with say but they still type in Team and I looks like idiot speaking to myself. Anyone can make me small plugin if possible to type to specific Team chat and only member of that team to see the message (Have clans reborn with locked teams to clans so if you have no clan, can't have team) Idk if that will be more easy in my case to grab a team. Sorry for long text, hope explained good and it's possible. Shortly summarized (access all team chats somehow and type like team members can do if offline from Rust+, but from RCON console instead)

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