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Paid request inquiry part 2 "PluginMute"

Fusion 3.64

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I've had many players complain about this over the years. They hate the announcements, notifications, chat games etc.

What I'm looking for is a plugin that will allow me to add specific plugins to the config and will allow the users to choose them from a simple UI.
Nothing fancy. Rectangles are fine unless you want it to look pretty. I won't complain. If you want to add color editing for the UI I won't be sad about that either.
A Title bar with an X to close it or a text "Close" button. Whichever is more to your style. Either work for me.
The tick boxes can use color change or apply a "✓". Once again. Whichever is more to your style/easier to do.
I would like the UI to scale with the addition of plugins to the list. But if it has to be a big rectangle with smaller rectangles that are activated as needed. That works too.
I'd like the ability to "name" the plugins listed in the config for display in the UI.
"Guess Word"
"Guess Number"
"Solve X"
"Heli Refuel"
Or if possible to combine multiple plugins into one toggle
"Heli Events"

I'm assuming I enter the plugin name into the config and then it will block whatever the plugin uses from that plugin in specific for chat output when the player selects it from the list.

I don't even know if this is possible. But if it is, I would very much like it to be made.

Willing to pay as long as it's within reason. And same as last time. The plugin can be sold here if the developer wishes to do so.

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