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Random Weird Plugin Ideas - Part II

The Friendly Chap

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Idea 1 : Portkey Potty
This is just me being silly, but a plugin that makes a toilet display an interaction icon that says "Dive In" (yes, like StaticLootables") but instead of opening a loot box, it teleports you to another toilet elsewhere on the server. All toilets on the server would then do this. It's a shit, but unique way for players to get around. Extra points for TMNT references.

Idea 2 : Perfect Poopstacker
You know furnace splitter? Auto splits the plie of ore into equal heaps when you yeet it into a furnace? Well, how about that with shit and the composter? So I can right click on my stack of poop in my inventory, and it will appear in 11 equal stacks in the composter? (Maybe make this number adjustable in the config)

Idea 3 : Magic Bucket
A bucket that makes any planter watered by it grow plants instantly to fully mature stage.

Idea 4 : RealTimeClock
OMG? Really? Yes. Just a simple HUD of the realtime clock. Bonus for auto adjusting the timezone.

Note: I'm broke, if you wanna make money look somewhere else. These would be "Just for the Laughs" projects. I'd do them myself, but I'm a boilerplate monkey, and don't C so # in my old age.


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I am off work between Christmas and new year, so I'll likely see if I can do the Portkey Potty in that time. It would likely improve my code, and lead to a LOT of questions on Discords and Forums, but in the end C# is just language with strict syntax and grammar and a punctuation fetish. I parse language rather well, so I think I can do it. <- And having said that now in a public forum, I have some motivation towards trying. I've tried Poopstacker, but just then FP changed the way they use containers and I just gave up.


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