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Hey dear codefling users...
Anyone have more knowledge and can explain me how to do it or just upload for me 3 images as skins or whatever it's done to use the skinID for 3 CustomItem in-game then?
Thanks for help in advance...
not sure if added this to the wrong sub-forum and it's for requests but I hope its ok here...

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Added more sh*t...
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Hello, maybe .. this nice plugin will help you! And this is how you achieve your success.

There are also free versions of the Icon Creator, but I don't think I can post them here.

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Thanks, I know the second one but do not feel like paying for plugin to upload probably 3 icons at all because I do not make plugins and do not plan to upload a lot of icons...
I will check the 1st one because its free and hope can fit my needs to upload this 3 images.
Thanks for reply : )

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