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Disable Radiation with Perms (one that actually works)


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Just blocking radiation on users with a set permission is easy.

            private object OnEntityTakeDamage(BasePlayer player, HitInfo hitInfo)
                Rust.DamageType damageType = hitInfo.damageTypes.GetMajorityDamageType();
                if (permission.UserHasPermission(player.UserIDString, perm)) && (damageType == Rust.DamageType.Radiation || damageType == Rust.DamageType.RadiationExposure)) return false;
                return null;

But im not sure how youd do it with other plugins that are adding it.
Since they could be just straight sending the player the flags and damage instead of triggering a radiation event.

Youd sort of want to edit those plugins instead to add some block conditions.

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