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A command to permanently block another command


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So I added a basic bow kit to my PvE server but some players are hardcore and don't want the option of using a kit.  I would like a simple plugin where if someone types /nokit they will be blocked from using the /kit command ever again on the server.  It will not be reversible but I'm guessing I could edit the data file to remove someone if I really needed.  Any thoughts on if this can be done and if someone can do a custom plugin for me?

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1 minute ago, Ujiou said:

What's the kits plugin? You can DM Ujiou#6466


The popular Kits plugin on umod 

uMod - Rust Kits by k1lly0u

It doesn't have any permission system of its own to use /kits so I would need a method of just blocking the command if they execute a /nokit command somehow.

I Tried to add you on discord but it didn't work.  

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