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Water well


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Hi there,
So i tried searching on google and most plugin sites for this , found nothing.
Is there a way / plugin to make a small water well where you can pump water?
Like the monument but maybe with a much smaller Skin, or only the pump?
Or the possibility to let the normal water Pump deploy Water also when it stands on thenormal Ground.
Maybe same model but no need for a Water Source ?
I´m yet not so deep in "make a plugin yourself" that i can solve this alone "will try it of course".

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I have been just using the console command "spawn" in F1 (spawn waterwell) That works nice unless you want non-admins be able to "spawn" the waterwell, too. The waterwell is just the pump part with a barrel, so rather compact.

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You can't pick them up but because I was curious about this well too, joined in my server and spawned one. People can't acces them like buy/puckup the item but still if you have UberTool plugin (look for it in google) you can achieve this as admin -> move the well prefab around and place it rotate etc...


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Hey, yeah you can place and use  them, but it sucks that you cant put them in a vending machine. 

No need for uber  Tools to plant them.

Works fine with console. 

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works with console to plant but then if you wanna rotate or place it properly looking left or right or fix the position you can do it with ubertool or just ent kill and spawn again until match the place, anyways you are right... you cant place them because they are not in-game as item, only as spawnable prefab

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Hey bmgjet,

first off all, THX a lot for this.

Really appreciate it.

Honestly, i got youre "cardtable and slotmachine" Plugin running too, and tried to edit it, so it will spawn  the "waterwell" 😛

Sadly it hasnt worked like i thought.

Now i can compare youre and mine .cs file and maybe i check where the failure is in mine.

Perfect for learning.

Best Regards !

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Hey man , sure i´m on to this.

But writing in English and talking is different , if you now what i mean 😛

I got 2 things i need 2 know.

When i put this things in a a shop, the names are wrong.

Water catcher for the well, and fridge for the slot machine.

I  would like to get in touch over discord ot teamspeak, cause i really want to know more about plugins.

But then you have to be patient with me, native German speaking, an old :..)

I think i can understand the most , but in english, one word is missing and then im fucked up:P



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Hi there, ah ok i will try it with another item by myself 😄

 Im not using a Plugin for the shop, filling it up manually in a Vending machine.

Any advertise for a good Plugin ?


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