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Making a aimtrain server, and looking for custom plugins to be made. All paid, just tell me price


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To get an idea, something like PAT (Perfect Aim Train) but obviously different. This is for my community.

Just tell me price per hour / or plugin, or however you want to do it.

Mainly looking for customish UI, that has back buttons, to teleport back to spawn. Also looking for a portal plugin of some sort.... the free ones out there are kind of.... not up to par.


Please let me know, and remember, give me a price 🙂 Time isn't free!

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27 minutes ago, Pink said:

Please let me know, and remember, give me a price 🙂 Time isn't free!

Msg me on my discord !David#1337 so we can discuss more details

in case you want to do buttons for ports by yourself


Edited by DAVID.
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I have a plug-in that’s about to be released soon that is doing just this, message me on discord if you wanna see some gifs sounds like something you might wanna pick up.

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