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Looking for a fix


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Sorry for the rant but i and many others don't know what to do as we are all facing the same problem for nearly a week without a fix.

We all start rust and at a certain time our computers completely lock up and we are left to do a hard restart by holding the power button down

This locks up occurs in the menu or loading the game.We have tried to get help from facepunch but they only care about their micro-transactions/whales/bikes

It appears its the easy anti cheat EOS as we have been to their own server that runs without the anti cheat and it loads and plays just fine https://support.facepunchstudios.com/hc/en-us/articles/15041503601437-Launching-Rust-with-EAC-disabled-RustClient-exe

Deleting the anti cheat and reinstalling it does nothing even if we remove the registry keys.

Its not the ram as others have 32/64gb some have even done a complete uninstall /reinstall of windows

Does anyone have any ideas of a fix for the eac_EOS

I cant even connect to my own server

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Have you verified that optimized loading is disabled under experimental? I know that was causing some issues. If this is indeed EAC causing the issue, and reinstalling did not resolve the issue, it could be related to antivirus software on your PC. Try disabling any antivirus or firewall software you have running and see if that helps.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for the reply Death

Yeah all that experimental stuff was turned off and not running any antivirus.

Its definitely the anti cheat as a lot of others are reporting the same issue but can play on the server without anti cheat enabled

Facepunch are silent on this even after multiple tickets and more people are now getting the same problem

It happened to everyone after their last patch We are just going to have to wait for a fix

bloody shits me they work on stuff that nobody asked for but ignore all the little stuff that needs to be fixed (horses for example)


Have a look at what MightyMark went through




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