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Why are all the web-based applications either straight PHP, HTML, or Ember?


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I'm a typescript/react dev (on the web-side), and was just wondering why I haven't seen any servers, plugins, or tools utilizing React type frameworks like React Core, or NextJS, or even something like Remix?


Is this in terms of limitations of what we can do with communication between the server and webhost? Or would I be fine creating my website based off any framework?


I feel as if this may be an irrelevant post as I am pretty sure it doesn't matter as long as the webhooks communicate the way they need to communicate, it should all work the same ideally, right?

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It has more to do with the end-user experience. Shipping it as basic PHP/HTML is typical because it's easy to get going out of the box. Building and deploying React is not so user-friendly and requires a fair bit of knowledge.

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