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I'm currently using CraftMenu by David for all of the special seasonal/other craftable DLC/Steam items on my Vanilla X2 server. This is a fantastic plugin, but I also use another one for DLCItemUnlock, and players can craft half of the items from the Vanilla crafting menu (DLC ones). That said, it doesn't support the rest (the Halloween/Xmas store items, fireworks, etc.), and I'm willing to TIP/PAY to get my current plugin updated or a new version created to fully support everything that's an exclusive item blueprint in the vanilla craft menu. (redirected particular item skins are already included inside SkinBox so that they can be ignored.)

This is one of the main plugins I've been hunting for a long time. Unless there's a 0% chance (I doubt it's completely impossible), I can pay whatever is needed to get it done. Trust me, I'm crazy, and It's not about the cost. If you can use Harmony or whatever else to unlock these items and implement a proper auto-update system or a configuration to specify all the shorts.names, I'm OK.

I can provide a link to the free plugin I already use. Maybe it can help. This is a serious request, and I still have hopes. I'm sure other will like this request as well.

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I have David's plugin. I also uploaded my config here a long time ago for free. That's not what I'm looking for because it involves modded, even close to vanilla, still modded craft menu UI. I hope someone can go further and completely unlock everything in the vanilla crafting menu. I'm sure it's possible somehow.

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6 minutes ago, Flammable said:

I'm sure it's possible somehow.

No, it's impossible.

Before displaying an item in the crafting menu in the client, the client checks for the presence of DLC on the in SteamInventory player.

This can only be done if the client is patched. How many people will want to do this? 🙂

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Then how can you unlock the VoicePropsDLC, SunburnDLC, etc., for example? I still have hopes, but we'll see if there should be a way with Harmony or other deep server modifications; of course, if the only way is to modify the client, that's impossible, and nobody will like this idea.

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