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Need Dedicated Server Recommendations!



I have been through Shockbyte, OVHCloud, and now on IcedHost.

Shockbyte didnt have enough specs to offer- but was overall good.
OVHCloud has ungoldy high ping- and they refused to fix it.

now iced host- we are on a plan that we maxed out.  after upgrading the server, the service is now spotty/crashing with little help from the provider
(they are turning the server on and off until monday each time it crashes, each time it crashes it is down for hours, we are on the 4th crash in a couple days.)

if someone could recommend me somewhere else that would be great- current plan is 128gb ram, 7600x, 500gb ssd, 1GB NIC  (around $300 a month)

IcedHost has corrected this issue- was something going on with the server we were on.
was credited for the downtime- so kudos to them.

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My best recommendation would be Iced Host! 

They have shown incredible customer support, and have always been quick to fix any issues that have been been presented. 
The uptime is great, the performance is great, the panel is by far the best I have ever used, and the pricing is spot on. 
Their dedicated server plans are pretty well priced for what you get! 

Here is a link to Iced Host should anyone else chose to go with Iced Host! 
*Referral Link*

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