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can some make an all in one battlefield plugin


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the problem with wanting a battlefield server is theres so many things you need and plugins to add its crazy lol.

what if someone did the impossible and made something for all as a one stop shop working in the following.

-the server is always in a free for all battle royal where the match ends when only one player remains.
-dead players go into spectate mode until next round.
-players get forced into the battle field matches no option as soon as one starts.
-if player joins server while battlefield match is going on they go into a spectate que until the round is done and then join the following.
-players cannot build on the server pure pvp.
-remove all NPCS and animals as they will not be needed.
-Alphaloot compatible so we can place guns and ammo and replace all loot with only guns and ammo no need for kits.
-random spawns Compatible for when a player gets killed where they spawn next so we don't have to manually set spawn points witch is silly when respawn points are already exsistent.
-kill counter for each match like Arena plugin where top 3 get a bonus for next round.
-no zones not needed.
-every round starts with players falling with the chute plugin from cargo plans.
-winners get a reward for the next round

i will pay who ever to develope this and of course more options and ides to be added but the basic jist is straight up non stop pvp round after round

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