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Tugboat Auth Limit & No Deauth


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Need a custom plugin, will pay for work.

Vanilla tugboat spawning is disabled and players must purchase one using the TugMe plugin vendor.

This plugin already restricts 1 tugboat per player, but I need to expand it to a team limit situation.

Server will be QUAD max players.  So teamsize will be set to 4.

Features needed are:

1) Only let players Auth on 1 tugboat (or X amount in config to make it configurable)

2) Must be in team to auth on a tugboat that is owned by another player in the team. (essentially makes it 1 tugboat per team).

3) Prevent purchase of Tugme tugboat if player on team already has one.

4) Prevent player from leaving team.

5) Prevent players for joining a team if player owns their own tugboat.


DM rabidkevin on Discord if anyone thinks this is possible to accomplish.

Thank you.

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