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Debating between XPerience and Skill Tree

Yac Vaguer

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I'm currently using Zlevels remastered in my server, but I'm trying to give my players the ultimate experience, and I'm looking to level this up a bit and even use it together with Zlevels. I cannot find a good review between Skill tree and Xperience (Paid version) from personal experience as a player, Skill tree has a way better interface, but what is your experience and why you decide one over the other? 



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It would be best if you decided for yourself, but I would definitely go with the SkillTree. I never played deep with any of the plugins as a player (only as admin to configure them) and wasn't able to experience them fully in gameplay. As I remember XPerience had shit upgrades. Don't get me wrong, all the work done by the developer of the XPerience plugin and the fact that it's a free one is FANTASTIC. It has many features and skills, but I like the more OP weird/cool stuff that needs to be added. While in XPerience, you have mainly multipliers and reductions to upgrade, SkillTree has skills to see nodes/animals nearby, like ESP, on your screen for X amount of time. Also, spawn new ore on the same spot after breaking the 1st one by % chance, shop trees in a nearby radius, open doors with any card color, call MLRS to strike, respawn on your death point, etc. It's stuff that's NOT welcome for a PVP server but truly fabulous for PVE.

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