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Suggestion to Increase Plugin Review Rates Through Reminders


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Hello dear community,

Hello Death,

I've noticed recently that many of us download or purchase plugins but often forget to leave a review. This can be problematic for sellers, as reviews are a crucial factor for potential buyers to gauge the quality and reliability of a plugin.

Therefore, I propose implementing a system that reminds buyers and downloaders at regular intervals to leave a review for the downloaded/purchased plugin. This could be in the form of notifications or emails, similar to how other platforms like eBay operate.

Such a system could:

  • Increase the overall number of reviews, aiding sellers in receiving feedback and improving their products.
  • Assist potential buyers in making more informed decisions based on the experiences of other users.
  • Promote community interaction and engagement by encouraging users to share their opinions and experiences.

I believe this would be a win-win situation for all parties involved. What are your thoughts on this idea? I look forward to your feedback and insights on this suggestion.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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I think this is a fantastic idea! As a plugin developer, feedback is super crucial to determine what works and what doesn't. We often hear about what doesn't work, because most people will only reach out if there is an issue, but it is much more rare to get positive feedback, especially if the plugin has been existing for awhile. An automated system of sending out a reminder to leave a review after a certain interval of time would be a great start to get that much needed feedback.

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  • Administrator

We understand the importance of reviews, but at the same time, soliciting reviews in this manner could have adverse effects. While I'm sure most of our users would have no problem throwing up a review here and there, consistent reminders to do so could be quite annoying.

I personally feel it best if this responsibility fell onto the individual seller instead, as they can tailor their approach specifically to their customer base and at their own pace.

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