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[PAID] Can someone please fix the shield plugin


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ok ive been trying for weeks now to fix the shield plugin here on codefling 
the plugin is cool but it counts the damage wrong 

im trying to point coders in the right direction to help me even with money 
but noone seem to have time to fix it 

i did got some good ideas and progress but i simply cannot do it

atm the plugin works like this 

you get a shield (extra health)
when you get shot the damage goes of the shield 
and after it goes from you healtbar
if it goes over the shield it does the remaining damage on our healtbar

problem is this 
the shield counts the gun damage 
so lets use an ak47 
an ak47 gives 50 damage 

lets say you have full heavy armor on,  so lets say its 75% less damage  normaly with the armor on

so without armor the ak47 gives 50 damage 
and with armor on 12.50

remember those numbers 

the healtbar = 100
the shield = 20 
full armor on
now if shoot with this plugin it gives 50 damage 

so thats 100+20 - 50 
the second shot will not use shield code anymore so thats a normal 12.50 

so you see, the shield as it is will actualy hurt the player more if use it 

i know this has something to do with nexttick but im not able to get this to work correctly 

i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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