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Is there a plugin to see who triggered the Heli Rockets?


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I there a simple existing plugin or something else available that lets you see who triggered the Attack Helicopter to fire rockets at someone's base and destroy it.
I think that RaidTracker might log the heli rockets but not sure if will also show who made heli to fire them.

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I'm not sure if a plugin exists but in theory it would be fairly simple to make a plugin that logs this Hook; this wouldn't account for logging the damaged base and who owns it, though, which I don't know if that would be possible. I'm sure a better developer can chime in. 🙂 

bool CanHelicopterStrafeTarget(PatrolHelicopterAI entity, BasePlayer target)
    Puts("CanHelicopterStrafeTarget works!");
    return true;


Called when a patrol helicopter attempts to target a player to attack while strafing

Returning true or false overrides default behavior


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