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Is there any way to keep track of plugin updates more easily (RCON tool or a server oxide plugin) that does not involve installing 10 separate plugins or subscriptions like RustAdminOnline's impressive feature, which small servers without profit can't afford to pay monthly?
Not sure if anything changed and if there's a universal plugin but before there were plugins for each website. uMod plugin checker, chaos... plugin checker, codefling plugin checker, rust**** space another one and you install 5 plugins to follow updates from each website.
(sorry if mentioned a lot exact websites will censor them if needed)

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Yes. UpdateChecker does not work for some sites, but the majority of sites it does work. The rest of the sites you unfortunately still have to check manually. The sketchy sites it won't check, and not sure if an update checking system is possible with the Orange site, Tommygun's site or the others that have just a few plugins, but those sites usually also send a mail when something they work on is updated.


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