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hello .server upload of Oasis map

allen frith


i have very limited pc knowledge .i have failed on numerous tries  even on how to start to upload my new map on a rented server .

When i say i have limited knowledge i really mean No idea.

im just wondering is there an idiots guide how put my map on my rented server and keep it updated .


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bit of a silent movie.... I hope... otherwise its the wife in the background bipping shit but.. the process you'll see

1. Upload to to drop box,
2. create and copy link,
3. change dl=0 to dl=1,
4. go to GD and click config files, and edit start.bat,
5. in custom command add +levelurl "Dropboxlinkwithdl=1" 
6. save and start server etc etc.... i pressed cancel because.... its not my server 😛


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Hello there there what you need to do is put the. Map file into Dropbox share the file from Dropbox copy the link add it to the server custom map change the last number of the shared link from dl-0 to dl-1 then att the .map file to bundles-maps in the server files wipe players and map then the launch


Add the .map file to bundles-maps sorry

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If this is a game server rental as opposed to a VPS or bare metal, check to see if there isn't already an option on your control panel to configure a custom map. It should be named along the lines of "level URL" or "custom map url".

If you do not see an option, add the following to your startup batch file. If you're unable to do so, try contacting your provider. As mentioned by @Aaron Johnson, you'll need to host the map file somewhere. 

+server.levelurl [url]

More information can be found at https://wiki.facepunch.com/rust/Hosting_a_custom_map

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my provider is unwilling to help.

Maybe because on a computer Im an idiot . whats been said  still so far past my understanding.

ive tried drop box and i didnt figure how to work it .

ive even tried to use vps and failed there too.

thank you for you kind help

i will try again ,even thou i gave up weeks ago lol


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