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Unable to spawn entities or items




Carbon do not allow spawning of items or entities by admins or moderators.

It works once, then after reconnect or server restart. nothing. Admins and moderators cannot spawn anything.
With or without plugins, its the same.

Is this a known problem?


FYI: ModerationTools, active or inactive with /cmod /cadmin commands make no difference.

/ Valentine

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So after countless tests, the forum was to no use.
I guess this forum is pretty dead.

I might have gotten it to work, carbon seems so iffy it might stop working.

You need to:

Install server + carbon. Start the server, and let is start completely.
THEN and ONLY THEN, following these steps exactly and nothing else.

  1. connect to server and join with rust client as a player
  2. in-game: spawn on beach
  3. set ownerid in the server console (outside of game)
  4. In game: runt /cpanel in chat
  5. follow and complete the carbon setup panel.
  6. in-game: disconnect
  7. in-game: reconnnect
  8. outside of game in server console: writecfg

Now admin permissions seems to work as they should.

Frankly I feel it can probably stop working just about anytime it wants to.
As there has been no explanation as to what causes it to "glitch out"/Not setting permissions as it should from a normal start.


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I have nothing that change admin/mod permissions.

Only thing I currently run is AdminRadar as a plugin.
Removing that and unloading or restarting the server make no difference.

Also, I have for example, created a fresh install with nothing added. Only making myself admin with ownerid via server console.
still same result.


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** Edit

Game version:

Protocol 2380.236.1
Build Date: 04/18/2023 13:02:53
Unity Version 2021.3.21f1
Changeset: 81137
Branch experimental/release

Carbon v0.2023.2107.16, 2 mods 2plgs

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If I understand that command correctly, it would disable EAC.

Nothing I am interested to do, and is not what seems to be the issue of Carbon not working as intended from the start.


Thanks for the information thought


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