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Map icons

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I'm getting random reports that the map icons are changing. Sometimes they have the debris field icon, sometimes they do not, and what the significance of that is. Here is my config pertaining to the markers....


"Map Markers": {
      "Marker Name": "NPC Base",
      "Radius": 0.25,
      "Use Vending Map Marker": false,
      "Use Explosion Map Marker": true,
      "Create Markers For Buyable Events": true,
      "Create Markers For Maintained Events": true,
      "Create Markers For Scheduled Events": true,
      "Create Markers For Manual Events": true


Is there a reason they would change? Or is something else behind this mass conspiracy?



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heya, you will not see a regular vending machine marker unless Allow Vending Machines To Broadcast is set true. it should always be set false to hide player vending machine map markers

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No, I have it set using Explosion markers. But players are saying sometimes it has the circle with the explosion icon, but sometimes they just have the colored circle without the icon. Im wondering if there is something in the plugin that would add or remove the explosion icon, and just leave the colored circle.

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