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Few issues

Gremlins 1.0.2 1.0.3


I realize this ia new mod, and i dig it a lot, but theres a few issues i see....


#1 obviously the dupe bug.


#2, The way the hotbars currently work, they can be used as a backpack type thing. Since it removes the items from your inventory, you can load your hotbars up with things, then pick up more items until youre full again.

You are unable to swap back thru your hotbars, but you can definitely carry more than you should be able to. So you can use it as an emergency backpack if you need to grab a few more items.


#3, Your hotbar items do not drop with your body when you die. You spawn with all of them, and they are available immediately.


I bought it in a bundle with Quarry levels, and this is just a few things i noticed while testing it out.


Thanks! Looks promising! Great work so far.

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My bad, I misunderstood the config option. I'll give it a go tomorrow and see if that resolves my issues.

If you load up your hotbars and then backfill your inventory with all but a couple slots, then try to cancel a hotbar, its like it starts to "un-hotbar" your stuff, but then it runs out of room and cancels. So you end up duping the first item or so from that bar.

Another guy posted about it and said he has a video, but i can make one also if you need. Thats probably easier than trying to explain it...

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Could you please confirm this is fixed in the new update? If not please provide exact steps to reproduce. Thank you!

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