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Oil Rig Scientists don't use their weapons

Closed 1.0.1

Maya Sizichi


I added the NPC kits plugin, am running Kits and Botspawn.

with Botspawn the NPC use their weapons as expected - but with NPC spawn they just stand around and don't use their weapons.

they just do the friendly dance.

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26 minutes ago, Steenamaroo said:


I think there are some weapons the Oilrig guys wont use.
What weapons are you trying?

Hi Steamaroo,

I tried using AK and M249 for the Heavies. - with full metal kits - armour spawns just fine

For Normal scientist I tried using the Pistol Bullet type weapons - so Custom, Python, Thompson - with the green Hazmats. Botspawn scientists can use the kits but not the NPC kits one.

should i try and set the normals to the LR300? 

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seems that adding items to compound scientists does the same thing - they seem to only get hazmats, and then just do the friendly dance

I will try and see if i leave BotSpawn kits empty and use NPCSpawn as the primary loot manager

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okay i think i managed to fix it,

when using custom kits - only have guns and ammo in the belt slot.

when you add medsticks they seem to try and use them as a melee weapon and then just stand around - have got it working using the standard Lr300 as the weapon on the scientist mobs

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Ok, that makes sense.

There's no need for ammo in the belt slot either; in fact, I think there's no need for ammo at all unless you want it there as loot for players to pick up from corpses.

If that's the case just pop it in their main container.

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