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CustomLoot Issue

Pending 1.1.0


So i cant seem to get this loot plugin to work for me.  I have BotSpawns and i have custom zombies with outfits and a weapon.  The one i am testing on is "ZombiePoncho".  I have a lot of custom made zombies with different outfits and i want to say that ZombiePoncho gets whatever items i give then ZombieFire gets another set and so on but for whatever reason i cant get it working.  Its only spanning the Rust loot and nothing else.

This is whats in the config-CustomLoot

  "GlobalSettings": {
    "allowDuplicates": false,
    "corpseTypePerBotSpawnProfile": true,
    "Include_DM_Crates": false,
    "Show_Skins_For_All_Items": false
    "ZombiePoncho": {
      "enabled": true,
      "lootTable": "ZombiePoncho",
      "maxItems": 6,
      "minItems": 6,
      "gunsWithAmmo": false,
      "noGuns": false,
      "MaxBps": 3,
      "WaterPreFillPercent": 20,
      "ClearContainerFirst": true


  "allowChristmas": false,
  "allowHalloween": false,
  "allowKeycards": false,
      "ammo.rifle": {
        "probability": 10,
        "minStack": 20,
        "maxStack": 20,
        "blueprintChancePercent": 0

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