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Spawning question

Pending 2.1.6

So I had 2 questions on spawning bots.

first question -

I use killstreak and after a number of kills a supply drop will be summoned, how do I get bots to spawn when that is triggered? I have airdrop setup but it’s not working when a supply drop is summoned from the kill streak. 

2nd question.

I want to make a custom spawn zombie with a kit to roam in different locations which I would assume is /botspawn add?. when killed that then summons 2-3 other zombies to be killed.

any help would be great fully appreciated! 

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If a SupplyDrop is spawned then the Airdrop profiles should work, as long as there's navmesh in the area for npcs to spawn on.
if the drop is called via supply grenade then you'd have to have the Supply_Enabled option set to true in config.

There's no option to make more npcs spawn when an npc is killed, I'm afraid.

I'll keep it in mind for future, though.

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Thanks Steenamorro,

I tested this and it looks like the zombie spawned but blew up and died.. not sure what that is about? He spawned near a tree right as the crate was coming down then the zombie just exploded

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Sounds like you have a short suicide timer.

Populations for Airdrops, API calls, and /toplayer command aren't regulated,
which means if you have endless supply drops you'll have endless npcs.

I built in a suicide timer for those cases so low pop servers don't end up swarming.

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I believe it’s set to 300 I will double check it and make sure, maybe I will up it but it blew up right as the supply drop spawned. I’ll test a few things and get back. Thanks so much for the support! 

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