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I'm having some issues with certain loot items not being spawned. Based on the documentation, I have items that I want every base to spawn located in the Base_Loot tables. For the most part, all items will spawn off that loot table most of the time. Some players have reported that they'll raid a hard base for instance and not find any resources or explosives (rockets, c4, explo ammo, etc.) I've verified they didn't miss a loot container or anything. If there are items in Base_Loot and the Difficulty_Loot for a base type, is it supposed to always spawn Base_Loot first and then use Difficulty_Loot until number of items to spawn has been reached or does it just pull items from both lists together? If I'm misinterpreting the configuration, how can I guarantee that certain items will always spawn in a base of a certain type?

Great plugin by the way. My players love the raidable bases on my PVE server.


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set this true in the profiles if you want Base_Loot to always spawn. Difficulty_Loot will spawn randomly afterwards. Always Spawn Base Loot Table

short of that you'll need to wait for the next update which fixes a relevant issue

yw and glad your players enjoy it

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